Adopt an Asset

City Schools is committed to expanding enrichment opportunities for our students, free of financial barriers, and particularly in areas that have been historically underserved.  As part of that strategy, City Schools is looking for a partner to maintain Medfield Heights Baseball and Softball field in exchange for priority access* to the field.  For this agreement, City Schools is looking for partners that can increase access to baseball and softball for our students – providing opportunities for exposure, skill development, being part of a team and competitive play and in general helping City Schools create a pipeline for students to develop knowledge and familiarity with baseball and softball for students in elementary and middle grades, and up through high school.  

*First priority for all assets is for the school. Partner would receive second priority after the school through a long-term lease.

Site Location

location of recreation center

Proposal solicitations

City Schools is soliciting proposals at Medfield Heights Elementary to potentially enter into an agreement with an outside entity to make facility improvements and providing programs to City Schools students, particularly in underserved communities. The awarded party will receive priority use of the asset after the school (the school receives first priority):

Examples of enhancements and services include:

  • Turning grass fields into turf fields

  • Lining fields/bringing in dirt

  • Trimming grass/maintaining landscaping

  • Adding field lighting

  • Upgrading/replacing equipment such as tennis nets, scoreboards, bleachers, etc.

  • Providing sports scholarships for youth sports in underserved communities

  • Providing clinics to expand sports access in underserved communities

If you have questions or need assistance, please email us , or call 443-635-2602